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Presentation on the Department for History of Faculty of Arts of University of Maribor

Study of history in Maribor has already almost a history of half a century. Beginnings of Department for History reach to the year 1962, when study of history started at former Pedagogical Academy Maribor. Metnioned study continued also in the framework of Faculty of Education of University of Maribor. Regarding the definition of the scientific discipline, history is in the field of humanistic sciences, and therefore it is not surprising that members of the Department for History alsways strived for the students, except 'classical' double major pedagogical study, to be able to study history within a single major non-pedagogical study of history. The latter happened in academic year 2001-2002, when we first called for enrolment into the single major non-pedagogical program History.

By division of former Faculty of Pedagogy (in academic year 2006/2007), the Department for History included into Faculty of Arts of University of Maribor and today has 12 fully employed staff members. In senses of research, Department of History belongs among one of the strongest collegiate bodies at Faculty of Arts, as members of the department are carriers of two basic program groups, and at the same time, members of the Demartment are active in domestic, bilateral and international research projects. Simultaneously, we regularly include external, contract workers, who sensefully complete our study programs within Department for History.

In accordance with the directives and provisions of the Bologna reform of university study, department for history prepared totally new, modern programs fro mthe field of history science that are comparable with study programs of history in Slovenia and in the world. Since the academic year 2007-2008 the Department for History enables a student to study two first cycle study programs: university first cycle single major study program History and university first cycle double major study program History.

In the scope of studies, the Department for History offers a complete view on the most important and up-to-date knowledge on the past of humanity (form early civilizations up to contemporary history), and in this special attention is paidd to history of Slovenian ethnic space since ancient history till today. As first in Slovenian higher education area, we at the Department for History have paid special attention to history of east and southeast Europe, as well as history of the Balkans, by which we expressively differ from other study programs of history in Slovenia. So, graduates of the Department for History obtain a qualitative and complete professional base for understanding development of modern civilizations through history in their study.

The Department for History, even in the framework of Bologna reform in higher education, continues graduate studies. As one of six departments at Faculty of Arts, students are enabled doctoral studies. Basic characteristic of doctoral study program of history is its orientation towards deepened obtaining of methodological and theoretical cognition, besides simultaneous development of models for the transfer of obtained knowledge into practice and the development of research staff that will study problems of history studies in modern society by use of modern methods of research.

In the acvademic year 2009/10 the Department for History called for enrolment into doctoral study program: third cycle study program History. The study program contains five basic directions of study bound to individual eras of history. These are: ancient history, medieval history, new age, newer history (19th century) and contemporary history (20th century). A student may, according to his or her interests, actively form his or her own path of education. A wide collection of mandatory and optional contents enables a student to obtain knowledge needed for reaesrch on a foreseen historic problem. With support by the mentors (tutors) a candidate gradually builds a needed collection of knowledge and experience in research for an independent governing of highly demanding practical problems of his or her study field. There, even contents of mandatory study contents are not strictly limited, but a possibility of adaptation of contents regarding the needs of an individual student are left open.

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