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Koroška cesta 160, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 2 22 93 840
E-mail: ff@um.si

Člani oddelka za umetnostno zgodovino

Predstojnica oddelka za umetnostno zgodovino
izr. prof. dr. Polonca Vidmar

Namestnik predstojnice
doc. dr. Franci Lazarini

Oddelčna tutorica
izr. prof. dr. Polonca Vidmar

Redno zaposleni člani oddelka
doc. dr. Mateja Kos Zabel
doc. dr. Tina Košak
doc. dr. Mija Oter Gorenčič prof.
doc. dr. Katarina Mohar
asist. dr. Valentina Bevc Varl
asist. dr. Gorazd Bence

Zunanji sodelavci
red. prof. Oto Rimele spec.
Andrej Furlan
Petra Čeh

Presentation on the Department

The study program shall forward to the students sorts and forms of knowledge  needed for recognizing fine arts speech and validation of pieces of fine art. Knowledge of this kind is a basis for a successful and impeccable preservation and presentation of the memorial fund and the following and enhancement of modern fine arts creativity. Special emphasis of the program is put on theory of history of arts, new productions of fine art and practical training on the first cycle study, already. The principle determination for double major connections will enable the students to widen their horizon to different fields. We expect many graduates to continue their studies and successfully include in the work of different institutions and in economy. In a long-term perspective, we wish to achieve a deeper understanding of older and modern productions of fine art in the wider region of Maribor and in general. We also expect the graduates to be able to follow the growing interest for using cultural goods.

In June 2008, the Department for History of Arts, by mediation of the Slovenian Scientific Institute in Vienna, gained a covered book fund (803 units) from the legacy of opera and concert singer Anton Dermota (Kropa, 1910-Vienna, 1989). The library, in which works with a content from history of arts prevail, was donated by the widow of the artist, Professor Hilda Dermota, as a permanent memory of her husband.