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Koroška cesta 160, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 2 22 93 840
E-mail: ff@um.si

Presentation on the Department

Development of the Department for Geography and the Geography Study in Maribor reaches back to 1961. In 1985 we started to conduct vocational study program of geography that is a university program since 1995. Since 1999 we also conduct graduate study of geography for the field of education. In 2006, the Department for Geography became part of the newly established Faculty of Art of University of Maribor, what brought a line of novelties also to the study of geography. The up-to-now study programs will be step-by-step replaced by new »Bologna« study programs.

In academic year 2008/09, we started to perform the new »Bologna« university first cycle double major study program »Geography«. Graduates will obtain a proper general geographic education that can be upgraded in continuation (in the academic year 2011/12) on the second cycle in two graduate study programs: the secod cycle double major pedagogical study program »Geografija« (meant for the obtaining of knowledge and skills for teaching geography in elementary and secondary schools) and the second cycle single major non-pedagogical study program »Geography - regional studies« (meant for the application of knowledge in the space i nthe process of planning of further social development of a community and in questions connected to protection of the environment).

At the Department for Geography, in the academic year 2007/08 there were six full-time teachers and two assistants employed. In the academic process, great emphasis is put on the steady improvement of quality of education, a wide field work, connecting research and pedagogical work and the transfer of research achievements into practice and into the study process. We organize scientific and professional meetings and invite foreign guest professors, we enhance international mobility of students and their independent research activities. Department for geography coordinates the university network called GEOREGNET in the framework of the CEEPUS program. The network is meant for the providing of mobility of students and teachers of geography between the partner institutions from Graz, Cracow, Koper, Ljubljana, Maribor, Novi Sad, Olomouc, Pecs, Prague, Prešov, Tuzla, Zadar and Zagreb. The members of the department take part in international geographic conferences, seminars, we cooperate with geographic institutions at home and abroad. Professional work is also intensive, as we write textbooks and are members of different professional bodies on state and local level. We also develop applicative studies connected to regional development in NE Slovenia. In 2006 we started to edit a scientific revue titled Revija za geografijo.