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Koroška cesta 160, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 2 22 93 840
E-mail: ff@um.si

Presentation on the Department

Department for English and American Studies conducts two study programs:on the undergraduate level the university double major pedagogical program English Language with Literature and..., as wel las on graduate level the study program English Language and Literature.
In the framework of the undergraduate program students get acquainted with the structure of a language (phonology, morphology, syntax, ...) and the rules of its usage (socio-linguistics, differences between British and American English, ...). In the same way, they get to know the culture and literatures of the English speaking areas. Besides Slovenian teachers, also native speakers from Canada, Great Britain and eventually also USA participate, what gives an additional possibility to learn intercultural dimensions, authentic spelling, widening of the verbal fund and development of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the English language. As future teachers, they get to know the most up-to-date methods they will need in teaching and in the framework of hospitations, appearances and pedagogical practices they can test themselves in a classroom.

Undergraduate study is upgraded by the graduate program English Language and Literature, in the framework of which candidates may decide either for a master or a doctoral study.

At the department, we care for international cooperation, and inclusion in the Erasmus program enabling students to spend a semester of their study at one of the European universities and to gain precious professional and intercultural experiences is of up-most importance. For years, we already successfully cooperate with the University of Graz in the frame of the so-called Joint Lecture Room and for interested students from both universities we organize joint study activities. We organize international symposia and regularly host international guest professors, what enriches the academic offer with new topics and other perspectives.
At the department, also extra-curricular activities take place, as there is e.g. activity of the English Club that takes care of social life, exchange of opinions and view on different topics of English language students within regular informal meetings, and it organizes parties, humanitarian actions and similar. All the named surely represents a high degree of motivation for independent and creative work of students, their inclusion in research and a successful preparation for a later professional career.

Research activities by the members of the Department is connected to the subjects and disciplines being part of the study programs. It is concentrated around the language research (languages in contact, socio-linguistics, syntax, diachrony, phonology, text linguistics, pragmatics, ...), literary aspects (British, American, Canadian literature), interdisciplinary intercultural research and didactics of teaching English.