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The Student Council is a body that discusses questions regarding study and other related problems that are important for students. The Student Council of the Faculty of Arts is constituted of presidents of all years and one member of each year's council, including the graduate year council and postgraduate council. These members are elected by the members of each council. The chair and the Student Council members of each year are elected in general elections that as a rule take place in the winter semester.

The term duration of the Student Council of the Faculty of Arts and the students, who are suggested or named by the Student Council, is one year. The Student Council also elects all the student representatives for other bodies of the faculty (Senate, Academic Assembly) or suggests students for positions in the commissions of the Senate (e.g. the Commission for student affairs of the Faculty of Arts). Based on the Higher Education Act and the Statute of the University of Maribor, the Student Council can elect 1/5 of the members in other bodies and commissions of the Faculty of Arts. The Student Council participates at all levels in the comanagement of the faculty and thus sees to it that students are an active part of the life and management of the faculty.

Besides comanagement, the Student Council helps to develop different extracurricular activities. The Council organizes round tables, parties and helps to cofinance several cultural and scientific student projects. An important issue is also to discuss the everyday problems the students encounter. Members of the Student Council are always available for any kind of questions or help. Our doors are always open.

Student Council meetings are called to order and held by the Vicedean for Student Affairs, Andrej Simon Lunežnik. The Vicedean for Student affairs of the Faculty of Arts is a member of the Student Council of the Faculty of Arts.

The Student Council meetings are open to the public.

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